odoo ubuntu installation

How to Install Odoo (OpenERP) on Ubuntu 14.10 Server Edition

When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) softwares, it was long believed that ERPs are solely used by enterprises and only enterprises can afford to deploy it. But thanks to the open source community, it is not the case anymore. Now there are many open source and proprietary ERP solutions that small to medium sized organizations can leverage to enhance their efficiency. Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP, is an example of a powerful open source enterprise resource planning software. Organizations of any size can deploy it to transform and to automate their daily activities.

ODOO is a suite of open source business applications that help organizations grow, manage their day-to-day activities, boost productivity, manage finances, manage projects and empower human resources. ODOO is one of the most installed business software in the world and trusted by more than 2 million users worldwide. Users range from small organizations to large organizations (300,000) users. This ERP is utilized in several domains such as development, health, construction, agriculture, information technology, education and others by different types of organizations (government institutions, private sector and non-profit organizations). ODOO is used and tested by millions of users worldwide and its architecture is robust and modular. At JS Consultancy Services, we are heavily dependent on Odoo and it has greatly improved our organizational efficiency. (more…)

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JSCS Business Solutions

Why Do Afghan Organizations Need Well Designed Business Solutions

Since 2001, the fate of Afghan economy was changed with the help of international community and hard-working Afghans. Existing governmental, non-governmental and private institution received aid and improved their business processes and meanwhile it was an absolute astounding opportunity for new businesses as well. As a result of Afghanistan government’s collaborative effort, Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) was established. AISA made it possible for Afghans to easily register new businesses and the year 2005 – 2009 was a booming period of new business.

To compete and achieve greater results, the new businesses must adopt well defined organizational standards and integrate technology into their business ecosystem. Majority of the Afghan-based businesses still use traditional pen and paper based model to manage their finances, human resources, sales and marketing, production management, asset management and other relevant business operations. The conventional model works perfectly fine but it lacks the crucial aspects of fast paced reporting  when it comes to strategic planning and management. With the help of new and innovative business solutions, Afghanistan based business can leverage the opportunity to compete and grow efficiently and gain more market share. With improved business processes and innovative technology integration, businesses can always have quick snapshot of their overall organizational performance and can plan ahead their operations. This is the point where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools come of great use. With the help of these advanced ERP software, you can automate and integrate many of your business processes. (more…)

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