Open Source School Management Solutions – A Comparison

There are several school management solutions available in the market, however, it’s still a challenge for schools to shift from the manual i.e. book keeping system to the digital system. Awareness, cost and support services are some of the main reasons why schools are still managed manually.

Luckily there are several school management software solutions out of which I have selected a few and have provided pros and cons for each. 

1. School Tool:

School Tool is built specifically to meet the needs of New York State (NYS) or NYS certified schools in the United States.


School Tool is a web based school management system, which makes it easy for administrators, faculty, and staff to navigate, to record and report information faster and easier.

School Tool has a handful of features that include but are not limited to:

  • Easy-to-use advanced search
  • Track, monitor, and report on faculty and students
  • View students attendance class performance history
  • Communicate with school and district personnel
  • Mobile access to critical information
  • Easily change student schedules with drag-and-drop tools
  • Generate report cards and transcripts
  • Manage graduation requirements and students’ course history
  • Complex searches, grade search, and assessment tracking
  • Online help for all users


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